The Spookies

The Spookies

This part of That's Sew L.A.  is dedicated to ALL of the spookier things in Los Angeles...and believe me, we have out fair share of the Spookier sides of life.  

If you have a Spooky story that you would like to share, just reach out to me and I'll set up an interview with you!

Here's what's coming:

The Battle of Los Angeles-
(In Feb. of 1942, just 3 months after entering into  WW2, Los Angeles was met with an Alien invasion. A total blackout was ordered and thousands of air raid wardens were summoned to their positions...)

Lizard People and Abandoned Subway Tunnels-
(January of 1942 an article published in  the LosAngeles Times tells a tale of the accidental discovery of untold riches belonging to an ancient race of reptilian humanoids living beneath modern day Los Angeles.

UFO Base Found Off Coast of Malibu-

(UFO/USO objects have regularly been seen entering and exiting the waters located 6.66 miles off the coast of point Dune, Malibu California, a mega-structure of ancient origins was discovered using Google Earth satellite imaging on May 12, 2014.
  The entire ceiling of the mega-structure is reinforced by over 600 feet tall columns which creates an opening that is 2745 feet wide and 630 feet tall...)
Actual image